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China Starts Nationwide Customs Clearance Integration Program

Under China's integrated customs model, companies will be able to submit declarations to any customs district. China pilot program grants preferential trade facilitation measures to companies with demonstrated compliance records. Under new model, China customs will release the goods after a safety and security risk analysis. Even with its dominance as the world’s biggest sourcing base and second...
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Rules Eased in 4 FTZs in China

The Chinese government has decided to ease investment rules in four free trade zones, temporarily allowing foreign investors to found wholly owned enterprises in various fields, including iron and steel production and gas station operations, according to the central government website yesterday. The resolution on temporary adjustment of regulations for administrative approvals in the Shanghai, Guangdong,...
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Shanghai Sees Impressive Financial Growth

Shanghai has 2,671 new foreign-funded projects with a foreign direct investment of US$ 8.667 billion in the first half of this year, officials said recently. By June, Shanghai had attracted 85,000 foreign-funded projects with total FDI of US$196.286 billion. The leasing and business services sector received US$2.41 billion of FDI, an increase of 145 percent year on...
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