Monthly Archives: December 2014

Six Keys To Keeping Your Business Out Of Legal Trouble In China

I am often asked what foreign companies doing business in China need to know and do to stay out of legal trouble. The following six questions make for a good answer: 1. Are You Operating Legally? Generally speaking, if you are doing business in China for more than a month or two, you need to be...
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Shanghai’s Exciting Initiatives Offer Great Opportunity

The FTZ is in an area covering just under 30 square kilometres in the Pudong side of Shanghai, while the Hong Qiao district is a commercial district to the west of the city. The FTZ offers a number of privileges to companies, such as less governmental red tape, facilitation of cross border trade and fewer...
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Guarantee Bank Account Trial in FTZ

Enterprieses in Shanghai's pilot free trade zone are allowed to open bank accounts to guarantee tax payments as Shanghai customs moves to streamline customs clearance.

The enterprises need to deposit a certain amount of funds in the accounts upon opening and have a letter of guarantee issued by banks before they are able to make delivery...

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